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We believe theatre engages best with audiences when it is created by artists who have worked together for many years. We are a company of actors who are dedicated to producing a repertory, strongly rooted in the classics, which reflects, enlightens, and informs our contemporary life.

Never have we, the RAC, felt more inspired by our mission:

“Our strength lies in the power of our ensemble, rooted in the classics which we know reflects, enlightens and informs our contemporary culture. We challenge conventional casting ideas about gender and age. We champion the inclusion of all ethnicities and identifications onto our stage, and into our company and audiences.”

All the world is a stage and all of us merely players, and how this act ends and the next begins is up to all of us.



Free with a suggested donation

We send you the play to read beforehand then join us on Zoom.

Kate Farrington gives a presentation with slides! Actors perform scenes! Join the discussion!

Play Dates start at 6PM and go till about 7:30PM


March 25th 6PM On Zoom
Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Macbeth tracks the bloody rise and fall of the original power couple. Spurred on by prophecy, the Macbeths launch a murderous campaign that propels them to the height of political power. But their ambition will face a double check; the vengeance of those they’ve wronged…and their own twisted guilt.

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April 22nd 6PM On Zoom
Funnyhouse of a Negro by Adrienne Kennedy

Adrienne Kennedy’s surreal exploration of racial identity startled critics and audiences alike in 1961, opening a window onto the complex mental landscape of a young woman struggling to reconcile her biracial inheritance. In this “funnyhouse” we encounter the many selves clamoring for attention in Sarah’s head—from Queen Victoria to Patrice Lumumba to Jesus. And these selves are interwoven with the painful memories of Sarah’s parents: snatches of conversations, fleeting images flickering endlessly across her mind in this visual and poetic tour de force.

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May 27th 6PM On Zoom
Bus Stop by William Inge

William Inge’s quiet examination of loneliness and longing introduces us to a mismatched group of passengers “just passing though” the American heartland who find themselves temporarily snowed-in at a roadside diner in the small hours of the night. In the short time we spend with them we witness happy meetings, missed connections, and inevitable heartbreak as these near-strangers search for connection in an increasingly alienating world.

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June 24th 6PM On Zoom
King Hedley II by August Wilson

Few playwrights have ever achieved something as ambitious as August Wilsons Century Cycle—a series of ten plays chronicling the experiences of African Americans across the 20th century. In King Hedley II, the commonplace struggles of a 1980s working-class family play out in a world where neither the past nor the future seem to offer any hope or guidance. Questions of manhood, honor, family, love, and death play out in a brutally real setting—while all the while a low hum of fate, fed by divination and sacrifice, force us to examine the “cycles” we cannot seem to break.

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July 29th 6PM On Zoom
Our Town by Thornton Wilder

Wilder’s most beloved (and most underestimated) work Our Town offers snippets from a decade of everyday life at the turn of the 20th century. On the surface a quiet story of first love and first loss, Wilder’s unconventional script slowly evolves from gentle nostalgia to heartbreaking grief—a grief made more powerful as the separation of audience and characters slowly melts away.

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