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We believe theatre engages best with audiences when it is created by artists who have worked together for many years. We are a company of actors who are dedicated to producing a repertory, strongly rooted in the classics, which reflects, enlightens, and informs our contemporary life.

Never have we, the RAC, felt more inspired by our mission:

“Our strength lies in the power of our ensemble, rooted in the classics which we know reflects, enlightens and informs our contemporary culture. We challenge conventional casting ideas about gender and age. We champion the inclusion of all ethnicities and identifications onto our stage, and into our company and audiences.”

All the world is a stage and all of us merely players, and how this act ends and the next begins is up to all of us.


We are funded in part by a grant from The New York State Council On The Arts

Spring/Summer 2023 Script In Hand Performances

at The Players
Edwin Booth's Mansion on Gramercy Park
16 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY 10003

May 31st, 2023

A Script In Hand Performance of
Heartbreak House
by George Bernard Shaw
With Austin Pendleton as Captain Shotover!

6PM Cash Bar
7PM Performance
Followed by a Talk Back With Austin Pendleton

George Bernard Shaw subtitled his play Heartbreak House: "A Fantasia in the Russian Manner on English Themes," and indeed he was inspired by the plays of Anton Chekhov when he wrote it. Shaw very openly proclaimed the play to be an indictment of the leisured class of Europe just prior to World War I. In this play he creates a fascinatingly eccentric family led by Captain Shotover -- a retired sailor who has built his house to look like a ship. Acclaimed actor, director, and RAC company member, Austin Pendleton will head up the cast in this role. Shotover's children and their spouses are all struggling to find meaning in their lives, and while they grope around searching for truth, the battle lines of a great war are looming in the background. Using his always present gift of wit and humor, Shaw allows us to enjoy the foibles of these characters, while also giving us a hard look into the emptiness of their lives.

Ticket Price: $40
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June 28th, 2023

A Script In Hand Performance of
Chekhov Shorts!
An Evening Of Vaudevilles
by Anton Chekhov

6PM Cash Bar
7PM Performance
Followed by a Talk Back With The Cast

Anton Chekhov was truly a man of the theatre, and nothing exemplifies this more than his short plays or "Vaudevilles" as he called them. These short plays show us how funny and silly Chekhov could be, all the while satirizing the society he lived in. One can't help but think that some of the characters in these plays were based on people he knew. We will perform The Bear: A Joke In One Act, The Wedding, and some others to be announced. Get ready for a few surprises! If you ever thought that Chekhov wasn't funny come and see us prove that he was indeed one of the great comic writers of all time.

Ticket Price: $40
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The Resident Acting Company has been putting on performances since 2018. Before the pandemic we produced script in hand performances at The Players in New York City.

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During the dark days of the pandemic The RAC produced a series of online events called: Play Dates

Audience members read a play in advance and then joined a live Zoom meeting that was hosted by Artistic Associate Kate Farrington. Kate gave a presentation of the background of the play and playwright, actors read selected scenes, and we ended with a Q and A where the audience could join the conversation.

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